Jefferson County Construction Phasing Plan

  • July 22 – Construction Drawings Complete – Potter Lawson and other members of consulting teams will have their final drawings complete. I appreciate everyone who has been very cooperative in feedback back to the design team as this is becoming critical. We are also getting to the point, small design request may trigger bigger needs at this point.
  • July 25 – Bid Documents Release - there will be approximately 20 bids packages released for this project. This may change as we get closer.
  • Aug 11 and 16 – Bid opening. We have two separate dates and expect the vast majority of the bids will be opened on the 16th.
  • Aug 22 – Joint Committee meeting of Buildings and Grounds and Finance Committee to review bids and updates to the project budget.
  • Aug 23 – County Board meeting to approve bids/authorize contracts
July through August
  • site utility locations as required; if this impacts certain parts of property, we will provide notice in advance as best we can.
  • Abatement/Demolition/Trailer location – during this time, the old D’Aoust Law office will be demolished and replaced with office trailers. When major activity is occurring, that may limit parking at the bank parking lot, or on-street parking we will let you know.
September – this will be a busy month and many moving pieces
  •  After Labor Day – mobilization
  •  North parking lot will be closed at some point to parking
  •  Main entrance will still be open during this time with a “fence tunnel”
  •  Construction fencing installed – please note the whole west side of the building will be blocked off to include sidewalk)
  •  Preparation for new temporary security entrance (goal is this is operation no later 28 September)
  •  2nd to 3rd week – addition work begins – digging for foundations
September 29 and 30 – Moving days
  • New security open/main entrance closed
  •  Phase 1 portion off line
  • Primary focus for work on project is additions work and abatement/demolition of phase 1
  • Full scale renovation of phase 1 begins
Phasing update - no significant change to the plan outside that the DA’s office renovation will begin with Phase 2. They will move to the new MIS section in the basement and they will move back as part of phase 3 and MIS team will move in during that time. Most recent updated plan attached.

Temp Move Locations Update
  •  MIS has done their initial site surveys so they can plan for the transition for temp spaces
  •  Leases have been received for three of the building we are leasing; waiting on the 4th and finalizing a letter of intent with Woolen Mills. We will have a total of six sites. Three larger sites and three smaller sites.
  •  Leases have been designed that we will have access to the space starting in Sept so prep work can begin with an end date in Oct of 2023.
  • They have been developed that we can terminate early or be extended if needed as well if construction is delayed.
  • Trying to finalize an individual to assist for space layout specifically in the Wausau Building and Woolen Mills.