Job Description for Deputy Jailor

Position Announcement
Position Information
Job Title:
Deputy Jailor
Wage and Salary:
$29.67 - $34.68 per hour
Application review will begin:
January 31, 2024
Application Deadline:
December 31, 2024
Job Description:

Have you always had the desire for community service? Perhaps you thought about a law enforcement position but thought you are unqualified, or do not have experience in the field. Well, the Jefferson County Sheriffs’ Department has some great news! We have unique opportunities for YOU!

The Sheriff’s Office at Jefferson County has immediate openings for dedicated, hard-working, and ethically driven individuals who are interested in working as sworn Deputies. New Deputies will begin career assigned to the Jail Division. While beginning in the Jail division, Deputies can promote within the division- it just depends on where you want your law enforcement career to go! Wages range from $29.67 - $34.68 per hour depending on your experience, certifications, any training you have had in law enforcement and education.

Here are our minimum requirements:

  • 60 college credits. OR 3 years full time civilian or Military Police Officer.
  • Wisconsin Law Enforcement, CPR and weapons certification
  • Valid motor vehicle drivers license.

Deputies are fully sworn Deputy Sheriffs with full-arrest powers, protective status with paid WRS contributions. 

Join the Sheriff’s Office of Jefferson County and begin enjoying a better place to work.

The duties and job responsibilities of the Deputy Sherrif in the Jail Division are to:

  • Maintain jail security including regular patrolling of jail, monitoring surveillance equipment, completing cell inspections and searches, and conducting strip searches in accordance with State Statutes, policies, and procedures.
  • Identify potential and/or existing problems and takes appropriate action to correct the situation. For example: recognize potential inmate conflict, intervene in disputes, mediate inmate conflict, and discipline with jail rules are violated.
  • Book inmates including conduct searches, photograph, fingerprint, inventory personal property, complete medical questionnaire, carefully assess rather the subject is a risk to themselves or others.
  • Interpret and understand court paperwork including judgements of conviction, warrants, child support orders, writs, etc., understand and serve civil process papers, and escort inmates to court.
  • Log and document accurate information relating to inmate activities, tasks performed, court appointments and appearances, maintenance issues, discipline of inmates, Huber information, and any other details necessary
  • Further information included on the posted job descriptions for the Jail and Patrol divisions


Starting wage information:

  • $29.67 - $34.68 per hour!
  • 72 – 80 hours/pay period, varying shifts. Once on rotation, Deputies follow a 5/2-5/3, 8 hour, schedule: 5 days on, 2 days off, 5 days on, 3 days off


Benefit information can be found at:

Benefits may be accelerated based on prior law enforcement experience and certifications already obtained.


Written test is required for those without prior qualifying experience.
You will be notified of the testing date/details if you meet the minimum requirements.



Qualifications Needed:

  • US. Citizenship
  • Valid Wisconsin Driver’s license
  • No felony convictions
  • Excellent communication skills along with knowledge of computer applications.


Application and position details are available at or

Jefferson County Human Resources: 311 S. Center Ave. Room 111, Jefferson, WI  53549.

Jefferson County is an Equal Opportunity Employer